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 Monday - August 28th

 Win2K & KX133/KT133 Compatibility   7:32 PM EST   Email Us!

SysReview has sent us a note telling us about an article they posted which outlines a problem people with KX133/KT133 motherboards are experiencing in Windows 2000.  Here is a bit from the article:

If you are one of the few people that can actually get a KX133 or KT133 motherboard to work stably in a 3D game with a GeForce in Windows 2000, then you are quite lucky. The reason I say this is because there are many people experiencing lockups and crashes when they play their games. These systems usually work perfectly in Windows 98 SE. The problem appears to be in VIA’s AGP driver for Windows 2000.

 MSI K7T Pro KT133 Mobo Review   7:30 PM EST   Email Us! has posted a review of MSI's K7T Pro VIA KT133 based Socket-A motherboard.  Head on over and see what their opinion is on this board.


 56K Modem Shootout   7:28 PM EST   Email Us!

56K modems seem like ancient technology, but most of the world still use them as they're primary means of accessing the network. PC Mechanic has posted a huge 56K modem shootout so you can find out which one is the king of the phoneline!


 Win a BF6+Celeron+GF DDR!   7:25 PM EST   Email Us!

Hypothermia needs a new site layout, and in an attempt to get someone else to do it :)  they are giving away an Abit BF6 motherboard, a Celeron CPU, Slocket III, GlobalWIN FOP32 and a Leadtek GeForce DDR card to the one person that can design them a good master template.  Click here for details.


 NVIDIA GeForce2 MX PCI   7:21 PM EST   Email Us!

Noticed over at Voodoo Extreme, that NVIDIA has announced their GeForce2 MX PCI chip.  Check out the press release here.

Chick's Hardware also sent word, that InnoVISION has launched the first GeForce2 MX PCI based card. Check out that press release here.


 Intel Recalls P3 1.13GHz CPU's   7:16 PM EST   Email Us!

Remember those problems Tom was having with his Pentium III 1.13GHz?  Well HardOCP had even worse problems and posted an excellent article on what was going on with four of the P3 1.13GHz chips that reviewers were given.  

Now, according to this article over at ZDNet, Intel is recalling the 1.13GHz monsters because of "marginalities" in the CPU's.  Wow, I don't remember anything like this ever happening with an Intel CPU before.


 New Utilities To Download   7:11 PM EST   Email Us!

Here are a bunch of new toys you can play with, if you're bored:

 AOPen MK33 KT133 Mobo Review   7:10 PM EST   Email Us!

The Duke has posted a review of AOpen's new MK33 VIA KT133 based microATX motherboard.  Small, yet potent.


 Soyo 6VCA 133A Mobo Review   7:08 PM EST   Email Us!

PCinsight has posted a review of SOYO's 6VCA VIA Apollo Pro 133A based Socket-370 motherboard. Not a bad board at all!


 VIA Roadmap 2000: PCI-X   7:04 PM EST   Email Us! has posted some more information on VIA's 2000 Roadmap.  This time around, they aren't talking about CPU's & Chipsets, but rather the new PCI specification, PCI-X.  Here is a bit from the article:

Before increasing the frequency or bus width to the PCI spec, the PCI-X engineers concentrated on streamlining the process, and making the bus more efficient. Instead of the delayed transactions used by PCI, PCI uses a system called Split Transactions. Delayed transactions must continually poll the target device to determine that it has received the data, whereas split transactions allow the target device to signal the PCI-X device itself. Also, PCI-X eliminates the wait cycles associated with PCI devices, by removing PCI-X devices from the bus when they do not have data to transmit. These features allow PCI-X to be between 14-34% more efficient then PCI, at a given clock speed/bus width.

 High-End PC Buyers Guide   7:02 PM EST   Email Us!

3D Spotlight has posted a guide to buying a high-end PC.  Head over if you're unsure of what you should put in your new power box.


 MSI 8809 GeForce 256 Review   6:59 PM EST   Email Us!

CPUReview has posted a review of MSI's 8809 GeForce 256 32MB SDRAM card.  Yeah an old card, but that's all some of us can afford!


 Ars Technica RAM Guide: Part III   6:56 PM EST   Email Us!

Ars Technica has posted part III of their RAM guide.  In this installment, they cover DDR DRAM and RAMBUS.  Very informative stuff, I highly suggest reading it!


 AMD Athlon TBird 1.1GHz Reviews   6:49 PM EST   Email Us!

As expected, the influx of AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1.1GHz CPU reviews have poured in.  You can check out the official press release here, and the reviews below:

 ASUS CUSL2 i815E Mobo Review   6:47 PM EST   Email Us!

TweakMax has posted a review of ASUS' CUSL2 i815E Socket-370 motherboard.  Is it just me? or does ASUS have a strangle-lock on the motherboard market?

 Sunday - August 27th

 AMD 1.1GHz Athlon TBird Review!   11:27 PM EST   Email Us!

Apparently, One2Surf has somehow gotten hold of a Socket-A Athlon Thunderbird 1.1GHz CPU early enough to post the first review of it. Head over and see how this monster of a chip tore through the tests.


 OnStream ECHO 30 USB Storage Drive Review   11:22 PM EST   Email Us!

Anand Tech has posted a review of OnStream's ECHO 30GB USB Removable storage drive.  The driving force behind this drive, is it's excellent reliability and low cost per Gigabyte.


 ASUS A7V KT133 Mobo Review   11:19 PM EST   Email Us!

AthlonOC has posted a review of ASUS' highly praised A7V VIA KT133 based Socket-A motherboard for Athlon/Duron CPU's.  Head on over and see if they agree with the others.


 Win a Razer Boomslang 2000 Mouse   11:16 PM EST   Email Us!

3DGameGear is giving away a Razer Boomslang 2000 DPI mouse. If you haven't heard of this mouse, you can check out our review here.  Then click here for details on the contest.


 Interview w/AMD's Optimization Guru   11:13 PM EST   Email Us!

Apu's Hardware has posted an interview with Sean Stanek, the Code Optimization Guru at AMD.  Here is a bit from this interesting interview:

What are some of the next-gen optimizations being implemented into the "Sledgehammer" CPU?
Well, SSE is 128-bit. At least for x86-64, if that supports SSE, it'll have some bit of 128-bit computing. As far as x86-128 or something similar, such a thing will probably not be needed for a long time. 64 bits is a far greater growth over 32-bits than just 2x. Massive SIMD will benefit the chip more rather than having a 128-bit CPU itself.

 More New Case Mods   11:13 PM EST   Email Us!

Wow, looks like this case mod stuff is becoming a very popular past time.  Check out 12 new case mods over at Fast-MHz.


 Card Cooler XT Review & Contest   11:34 AM EST   Email Us!

Extreme Overclocking has posted a review of The Card Cooler XT and along with the review they are giving it away.  Head on over if you're interested.


 Running a Voodoo3 at 12 KVolts!   11:32 AM EST   Email Us!

If you're card is in working condition, this is not something you want to try at home!  Tech-Junkie took their busted Voodoo3 and put it through hell.  They even have a video of the whole event!


 10 New Case Mods   11:30 AM EST   Email Us!

TweakTown has posted 10 new awesome case mods to their collection.  These ideas are great for a boring Sunday!

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