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South Bay Engineering was an unknown company before the 2CoolPC came out.  That's because this is their first product and only product so far.  Who knows if they will come out with anymore, but the 2CoolPC is their single claim to fame.

When you first see the 2CoolPC Plus, you think to yourself, "it's just a piece of plastic with a fan in it."  In one sense, that's exactly what it is, a simple piece of equipment and thankfully so, because it's actually affordable.  But it's also a well designed piece of plastic and fan which you'll see as this review chugs forward.

The whole goal of the 2CoolPC Plus cooling system to increase overall airflow to the entire case, but also to target specific hot spots such as the CPU, video card, motherboard, and RAM.  It does this by pulling air from the bottom front of the case (where it's relatively cool and fresh because of an air hole in the bottom of the case) and channeling it up through the hot components and out the top-back exhaust fan.

To do this, they use a 92mm high powered ball bearing fan and a carefully designed ducting system that directs the airflow.  Here are the specs and some pictures of the system:

  • Made with a Super High output 50 CFM 92x92x25 mm Double ball bearing fan.
  • 2450 RPM
  • .3 Amp Power Draw. 65,000 Hour life expectancy
    (Has Y Style Molex Power Connection, but also comes in the 3-pin motherboard style connection as well)

Close-up of the 2CoolPC Plus

2CoolPC Plus airflow schematic

2CoolPC Plus inside a Mini Tower Case

As you can probably gather from the pictures, the area that receives the bulk of the airflow is the video card slot, which in my opinion is a very good thing.  Since there is very little space between slots, it is extremely hard to put a decent cooling system on a video card.  The 2CoolPC Plus pushes an incredible amount directly above and below the video card cooling it's core and memory chips.  So it will no doubt allow you to overclock your 3D card higher with a higher degree of stability.

The airflow does not only pass over the video card, it also reaches the CPU, the two PCI cards directly below the AGP slot and even the memory chips.  As the air comes out of the duct, South Bay Engineering designed it in such a way that would allow for a good amount of dispersion to reach a wider area while still providing a strong airflow.  This can be attributed to the strong 50CFM 92mm fan.

I would also like to note that the fan is extremely quiet and adds absolutely no extra noise to my system. The CPU fans in my system are a lot louder than the 2CoolPC Plus.

In terms of design, South Bay Engineering has a winner.  It does a great job of channeling the airflow without some crazy, complex, expensive mechanism and is damn easy to install.  In fact, I'm not even going to bother putting in an "Installation" section to the review, because all you have to do is plug in the power connector and sit it in the bottom of the case.  Check out this video to see how easy it really is.

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