The following are various projects I have worked on in the past few years. Please feel free to take a look.

Undergraduate Work

Here you will find some of the work I've done as an undergraduate at the University of Toronto. These include various assignments I've worked on in my computer science courses which I think are somewhat interesting.

PHP Website Admin

This is project I started working on when the Hardware Pros site (see Web Sites) was still operational. Basically, it is a system which allows a team of webmasters to easily manage, update and run a dynamic, database driven website. Check it out for more details!

Web Sites

I've worked on many web sites over the years, here you will find a list and brief descriptions of some of these sites.

Outlook on the Desktop

Have you ever wanted to put the Microsoft Outlook calendar right on your desktop so that it's visible and useable all the time without actually having to open Outlook? Well that's precisely what my girlfriend wanted, so this is something I came up with to solve the problem.