Gryffin Lodge (Offline)


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This web site was actually the basis of our OAC computer studies course in high school. Tamara Fernandes, Kevin Konnyu and myself spent four months of the school year analyzing user requirements, designing and implementing this web site. Much of the design and the entire implementation was done by me with Kevin and Tamara contributing with important design aspects and documentation. I received a grade of 100% for going above and beyond the requirements of the course. On delivery the site featured (among other things), the use of java applets, a reservation system including credit card number verification, a message board and a guest book, as well as a low-bandwidth page for users who preferred a quicker loading page. The Gryffin Lodge has received numerous compliments on the site and continues to use the site to this day, contracting me for various updates.

Hardware Pros Online

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In 1998, before the explosion of independent hardware/software review sites on the Internet, Tommy Banh (a friend of mine) and I started our very own hardware review site. At this time, there were only a few players in the field and we forged some good relationships with many hardware vendors in North America, and Korea and Japan. The Hardware Pros featured daily news of the events in the PC hardware industry, frequent comprehensive reviews of new hardware products, a large file section, and a forum for users to discuss hardware issues. At it's peak, it received over 1000 unique visitors per day, averaging over 15,000 page hits per day. Much of the site design was done by Tommy (a creative wonder), you can check out another of his concept designs for the Hardware Pros site here. I was responsible for much of the technical work, including: organizing the underlying structure, cutting the design into html, creating style sheets, including extra features such as voting polls, message forum, banner systems, etc. and writing many of the reviews.

Real Estate Online


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This site was written for my mother. She is a real estate agent with Coldwell Banker Hartland Realty and having a professional looking web site increases her credibility and versatility as an agent. The site includes information for prospective buyers, a list of her current listings, and various other information related to the real estate market in the Greater Toronto Area. The most interesting part of the site is the the listing system I implemented for her. My mother can barely use a computer, so updating her listings was nearly impossible since she didn't know any html at all. So, I created a very simple to use listing administration system. With this system, she simply has to login to the admin page and fill in the info to create a new listing. It even allows for the uploading of an image of the home from the local users hard drive. Along with adding new listings, it also supports editing and deleting current images. All listings currently in the MySQL database are dynamically shown on the listings page. With this system, she does not have to know anything about web design at all. I may consider generalizing the system and providing it to other real estate agents. For a demo, send me an email.

B&R Machine Co. Ltd.


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B&R Machine is an industrial precision machining company which needed a web presence to increase their client base. Tommy Banh and I had the opportunity of giving them this web presence. The client gave us a brief outline of what they wanted on the site and gave us nearly full creative control since they were unsure of what type of design they wanted. Upon delivery, the client was very happy with the design and layout of the site.

SMR Computer Services


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SMR Computer Services is my own personal company which I use to formalize my freelance business of providing computer related services to individuals or small companies. The site was designed heavily using CSS for a uniform feel, easy editing, and reduced html overhead. It also uses php for the site header, menu bar and footer so that these elements do not need to be re-written in each and every page of the site. They can be modified in one place and the entire site instantly has the updates.


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Arts and Antiques Canada is a site I built for a customer in the time frame of one week. What is unique about this site is the system that I built for the customer that allows him to add/edit/remove items on his web site through the use of an easy to use secure administration page. The system uses PHP and MySQL to store the data. When adding a new item to the database, it will automatically resize the provided image to both a full size version and thumbnail version. The images themselves and the data for each item are stored in a MySQL table. The actual live page is generated dynamically from this database and displays all the items by category and shows 10 items per page, with dynamically generated links to each subsequent (or previous) page.