Hon B.Sc. Computer Science (2002)
  • Software Engineering Specialist
  • Logic Major
  • Mathematics Minor

University of Toronto

Transcripts available upon request.


VB Classic, C#, VB .NET, PHP, ASP .NET, .NET Web Services, XHTML/CSS, JavaScript, Java, Perl, C/C++, Inno Setup 4.x, 5.x

Database Systems

MySQL 4.x, MS SQL Server 2000, 2005, IBM DB2 7.x, PostgreSQL 8

Notable Skills

Personal/Social Skills:
  • Extremely meticulous and organized.
  • Strong work ethic.  I can work independently with little to no guidance as well as within a team.
  • Strong communication skills.  I posses the ability to work with and build relationships with colleagues and customers to achieve the desired end goal.
Technical Skills:
  • Extensive experience with Linux, particularly Red Hat Linux 6-9.x, RHEL, Debian, Fedora Core 1-4, Ubuntu 6.06
  • Thorough knowledge of TCP/IP, routing and DNS.
  • Exceptional professional writing and document formatting ability.
  • I pride myself on producing clear, efficient and well documented code.
  • Ability to quickly learn new programming languages, paradigms and techniques.
  • Exceptional knowledge of latest PC hardware & software trends along with the ability to build, troubleshoot and repair PCs.

Work Experience

Feb 2006 - Present Toronto, Ontario

Application Developer

  • Work as part of a 20+ developer team to maintain and develop new features into the Eloqua Application.
  • Worked on low-level optimizations to the database layer and application code to support scaling of the application to support 5+ million visitors.
  • Tasked with designing new features into the application using our own home-grown web developement framework which is built using Visual Basic and the .NET 2.0 framework.

  June 2003 - Feb 2006 INFOtrac Solutions Inc. Toronto, Ontario

Software Developer

  • Within one year, promoted to lead developer on flagship INFOtrac CRM product.
  • Re-Engineered poor calendaring system into a full featured PIM comparable to Microsoft Outlook.
  • Redesigned UI to not only have a more modern look and feel, but to enhance usability through intuitive design.
  • Transformed product from an outdated, difficult to install and configure package to a modern, easy to use commercial quality product.
  • Created a wide range of company specific web applications using PHP/MySQL (running on Red Hat Linux) to automate support tasks, bug tracking, etc.
  • Implemented Crystal Reports 8.5 and Crystal Reports XI engine into the core product to allow users to create and run custom reports through INFOtrac.
  • Currently developing Web Service using C# 2.0 to expose INFOtrac API to web developers.

  May 2001 - Present Toronto, Ontario

Programmer Analyst

  • Hired to work in a small team to produce a 2-tier inventory and holiday booking system for Eurosun Holidays Inc. (an Independent Tour Operator) using Visual Basic 6 with SQL Server 2000 as the backend.
  • The system consisted of over 100,000 lines of Visual Basic 6 code, over 50% of it was contributed by me.
  • All functionality and requirements were met by their deadline.

  Sept 2000 - Sept 2002
Cybergenie Inc.
Toronto, Ontario

Network/Database Administrator

  • Setup and continually maintained a MS SQL 2000 database containing client info, connection information, integrated with CRM and accounting system.
  • Set up and maintained a small network, including a Linux web, mail and dial-up server, as well as an internal integrated Windows domain.
  • Successful in integrating Windows 2000 domain controller with Samba PDC to set up a seamless computing environment.

  Aug 1998 - Sept 2000
Hardware Pros Inc.
Mississauga, Ontario


  • Co-Founded and ran a high profile PC Hardware web site which provided daily news on the news and events in the tech industry.  We also provided extensive reviews of various PC hardware products.
  • The site existed before the explosion of hardware review sites and remained profitable throughout its existence.
    Gained extensive experience with PHP and MySQL.
  • On average, the front page of the web site received 1000 unique visitors each day.

Relevant Hobbies

  • Set up and maintain my own Linux server using CentOS 4.1 (RHEL fork). The server provides virtual hosting for 5 domains, including web, mail, ftp, pop, imapd, and ssh services. The server also acts as router and firewall for my internal network. Several services are forward to machines internally.
  • Beta tester for several large corporations including Microsoft and Symantec. Notable products tested: Windows 98-Windows 2003, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2002, 2003 and 2005, Microsoft Office 2003-12.


Available Upon Request